Old Pueblo Engineering Center
Founded 2006 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity
“Drilling Brains for a New & Better Use of Technology”

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Ready-2-Play Robotics
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Smartness comes from Learning ... Learning comes from Practice and Practice comes from Play

RoboGuts™ + 3D Printed RoboParts + Sensors & Motors = FUN
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Walt Perko


Robot Videos - Robot Theater & Demos

miniFloppyBot on Human Ailments


SquattyBot-01 Intro

3D Printed R2Pv1-OmniRover1 Octogonal Path

3D Printed miniFloppyBot + OLED eyes 2 taming the shrew

miniFloppyBot with OLED eyes

OmniRover1 + UltraSonic + IR concept robot

R2Pv1-OmniRover1 UltraSonic Demo

OmniRover1 UltraSonic Demo 8

OmniRover1 UltraSonic Demo

OmniRover1 RC Floor Demo 5

OmniRover1 RC Floor Demo 4

OmniRover1 Floor Demo 2

OmniRover1 Demo1


Helical Vase Paint Brush Holder

1K Byte miniFloppyPINGBot Demo

Swivel Wheel FabTech 2016

SuperHero1 Intro

OLED + miniFloppyBot Concept for PICAXE 28X2 module or Arduino ATMEGA 328P chip

OLED Demo4 Faces

OLED Demo2 Character Building

OLED Demo1

R We Not Always an Earthling?

Build a BillyBot

the Rescue Parrot Alarm Clock

The Master Needs Humor & Writing Skills ...

RoboToons Robot Theater "The SetUp"

Powering RoboGuts +ATMEGA328P +LD1117V33 3.3V Regulator +9V

Powering RoboGuts +Parallax BS2 +4.5V 3-AA cell Battery Pack

Powering RoboGuts +ATMEGA328P +4.5V 3-AA Battery Pack

Powering the RoboGuts +PICAXE28X2 +4 5V 3-AA cell Battery Pack

Powering the RoboGuts +PICAXE28X2 +9V

Powering the RoboGuts +PICAXE28X2 +LM7805 +9V Battery

RoboGuts Build-Up with a BS2 BASIC Stamp 2 module

RoboGuts Build-Up with the Arduino ATMEGA328P chip

Various ways to Power the RoboGuts™ circuit board

RoboGuts™ Build-Up for a Talking, Singing 'n Dancing Toy

BillyBot5 ReTrain the Human Brain

BillyBot5 Humans must ReTrain their Brains

BillyBot singing "I Gotta Get Me Some"

Skully R U Afraid (fixed)

PIXYbot Ugly Sacks of Mostly Water

miniFloppyBot Hallmark Christmas Practice Session

BillyBot and AI

PIXYbot Sees a Big Fat Belly

PIXYbot Sees My Colorful Balls

100mm Wheels

60 & 70mm Wheels

miniFloppyBot Leg Kit Assembly

Skully Kit Assembly

miniFloppyBot Assemblies

BOE Bot Conversion + RoboGuts + CMUcam2 & PIXY CMUcam5

PIXYminiFloppyBot Initial Fitting & Color Tests

3D Printed Twitch + Build a Robot Song

BillyBot LOL c

BillyBot & the Parrot Feathers

RoboGuts+Lesson X0

RoboGuts™ Lesson-00, 02 and 10 BuildUp

BillyBot5 Singing "Dancing on the Broken Glass Ceiling"

a S.T.E.A.M. education program 4 schools RoboGuts Kit + Lessons & Projects

BillyBot and the Elevator

BillyBot & "The Big Bang Theory"

BillyBot + Neato & "The Big Bang Theory"

Big Foot BillyBot

Super Hero Jr rev5

BillyBot1 World Tour stuck in France with Alain

BillyBot Jokester in the Shower


mini Thinking about Mothers Day

2x BillyBots May4th

$5 Million OpenSource Help Needed

Binary BillyBot Counts

BillyBot wants a Million Followers!

BillyBot Sings Electronic2

BillyBot What Dream Makers we are + Rubbish

FrankIn BillyBot Talks in Norwegian and sings in English and Hawaiian

FrankIn BillyBot Sings Electronic

Concept Motion Platform

BS2 + Bi-Polar Stepper Motor on a RoboGuts™ board

miniFloppyBot Components Demo

The Saga of Watt and Hu

A BillyBot Christmas Card w/Lyrics & Text

BoneHead Sings This Is America

Making Ground Wire Jumpers for RoboGuts™ circuits

OctalBot Assembly & TableBot-1 Challenge

How to Install an ArduinoTeensy onto a RoboGuts™ circuit board

Build a miniFloppyBot w/a RoboGuts™ Kit

Build a BillyBot Robot Kit in a Day Singing "This is America"

Build a BillyBot Robot Kit in a Day Singing "Electronic"

How to Install an ArduinoTeensy onto a RoboGuts™ circuit board

Skully2 Project ... RoboGuts + BS2 + Emic2

Skully UpDated - RoboGuts + BS2 + Emic2

BillyBot4-18M2 KickStarter Pitch-07

BobbyBot3-BS2 KickStarter Pitch-06

FloppyBot3 28X2 KickStarter Pitch-05

FloppyBot2 28X2 KickStarter Pitch-04

FloppyBot1 20M2 KickStarter Pitch-03

BillyBot3 28X2 KickStarter Pitch-02

KickStarter Pitch-01

How to Assemble a miniFloppyBot Kit

RoboGuts Kit $55

Faces for miniFloppyBots

RoboGuts + Chips&Modules

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 25

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 24

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 23

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 22

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 19

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 18

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 17

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 16

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 15

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 14

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 11

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 10

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 09

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 08

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 07

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 06

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 05

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 03

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 02

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson 01

RoboGuts + 28X2module Lesson-00

BillyBot4-18M2 KickStarter Pitch-07

BobbyBot3-BS2 KickStarter Pitch-06

FloppyBot3 28X2 KickStarter Pitch-05

FloppyBot2 28X2 KickStarter Pitch-04

FloppyBot1 20M2 KickStarter Pitch-03

BillyBot3 28X2 KickStarter Pitch-02

KickStarter Pitch-01

Further Testing 4 miniFloppy BattleBot2

Initial Weapons Testing 4 miniFloppy BattleBots

HeadSmasher ... miniBattleBot 2

New Bots 4 RoboGuts ...

3 Bots Sing 'n Dance Fiasco

18M2+28X2mod+20M2 ...

BillyBot + RoboGuts + PICAXE 18M2

BillyBot + RoboGuts + PICAXE 18M2

BillyBot Finish Building Me!

Mechanum Wheeled QuadBot

the DARPA challenge

Dude, Fix Ur Baud Rate

BillyBot + RoboGuts Test 1

Franken BobbyBot 3 Song & Dance

TableBot-1 challenge miniFloppyBot solution ...

BobbyBot3 + RoboGuts Dance Test 2

miniFloppyBot Walking Demo ...

Color Chaser PIXY CMUcam5 Pan&Tilt

BobbyBot3 + RoboGuts DanceTest 1

The Master Has No Control ...

Nervous BobbyBot3 "I NOT GO!" 2 the Moon!

BillyBot says, "Send the Master to the Moon!"

Nervous BobbyBot3 "I NOT GO!" 2 the Moon!

RoboToons Robot Theater - I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

RoboGuts + 18M2+ Chip again Lesson-02

RoboGuts + BS2p Module Lesson-02

RoboGuts + 28X2 Module and Lesson-02

RK-06 Prototype Test

RoboToons Robot Theater Dance for ServoCity.com

RoboToons Robot Theater Stills

RoboToons Robot Theater "Stupid Idiots"

BobbyBot3 Under Construction ...

4 Servo Recorder w/Camera Pan & Tilt ...

Camera Boom Assembly for RoboToons Cartoons ...

Camera Boom Assembly for RoboToons Cartoons ...

Rover Wheel on FloppyBot-49 w/a PIXY eye ...

Wheel Spinner Demo #1

I need a source to buy 1.6mm Bulk PLA Filament

3D Print x128 MIPS Creator CI20 case

All We Ever Get are Bad Scripts!

the Big Red Solar Dwarf Takeover ...

Humans Should NOT Worry about AI ...

Happy Birthday Bob Schieffer ...

Building & Testing & Tweaking a BillyBot1

Simple Motor is Magnets + Battery + Copper Wire

Happy Birthday Camp Peavy

BigArmFloppyBot 4 built and programmed ...


Big Arm FloppyBot Crane

BillyBot Balloon Popper

Look'in Sexy

BillyBot Testing B4 Dance Prgm

Happy Birthday Norah O'Donnell of CBS News ...

Neato Spot Clean



Happy Birthday Larry


BillyBot Happy NewYear 2015

BillyBot 2015 NewYear ...

BillyBot Jokester ...

1 minute w/BillyBot ...

BillyBot Kit INCLUDED!

PICAXE Book 4 Christmas LIVE

A BillyBot Christmas

BillyBot Learning First Steps ...

BillyBot having a Space Dance ...

My Master Dont Look Good Nakid ...

TableBot-1 Intro

The Skull mount and neck

Live Long & Suffer?

Santa's Workshop

D.A.I.R. kit ...

Stepper Motor Robot Arm

Suicidal FloppySumoBot v. ScardyBot

My Master Dont Look Good Nakid Anymore

BobbyBot1 5x

BiPedal 2 Servo Leg BobbyBot 5 w/color

BiPedal 2 Servo Leg BobbyBot Test 5

Two Headed BiPedal FloppyBot test 1

BiPedal 2 Servos per Leg BobbyBot Test 1

Two Three Servo Legs 3

Two Three Servo Legs 2

Two Three Servo Legs


Robot Leg Parts a Musical ...


Intro to BobbyBot

Learn to be a GEEK ... the PICAXE µController Solutions Book


BillyBot 2weaked!

Servo Motors Lesson 20

EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver + UniPolar & BiPolar

PICAXE & EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver

PICAXE + a RogueRobotics µMP3 Demo

512 Speed Print on BFB 3D Touch Plastic Printer ...

FloppyBots under Review ...

Skullie1 Pan & Jaw ...


Milk Cartons


SolidWorks 3D CAD Modeling Demos;

Pyramid Puzzle


Industrial Demos;

Automatic bending of sheet metal with a KUKA robot - YouTube

The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot - YouTube

We learn from challenges. Marco Belinelli and Comau Racer robot - YouTube

KUKA Robots shape Monument Park in Melbourne, Australia - YouTube

NO.23,Kovacs-2 backflip 2 COMBO - YouTube

Warehouse Robots at Work - YouTube

ABB Robotics - Fanta Can Challenge- Level II - Superior Motion Control - YouTube

ABB Robot Playing Snooker - YouTube

Video Friday: Fast Running Robot, Nao Debates an Ape, and Hall of Fame - IEEE Spectrum

DENSO Robotics - Robots lay out slot-car track

DH2010VGP - Fully electric wire bending machine with double bending head and programming software

The fastest robot of the world from Stäubli High Speed

Yaskawa Motoman High-Speed Pick and Place with MotoPick

Homemade SMD Pick and Place Machine - complete cycle


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