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"PICAXE 18M2 Solutions w/the AXE091"
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  Just flipped thru the "Book" and thank goodness, for I now know how to use my "AXE 091 Dev Board", had this for a while and could NEVER get into it UNTIL NOW so a great big thanks for that.

Think I will put away my Rasberry Pi and Arduinos for awhile and get stuck into the Picaxe.

you have shown the way - keep going man - looking forward to your other stuff.

all the best



UpDates & Additions to the Bill of Materials
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  After you buy your book you are entitled to a .zip file of all the 3D printable part files in .STL format. Just send a copy of your receipt with the order number to Walt Perko and I will email you the part files after the purchase is validated.

Lesson 6 ... connecting to the RogueRobotics ÁMP3 module to make sounds and speech

Lesson 20 Servo Motors ... Standard and Continuous Rotating

Lesson 22 ... 18M2 controlling Stepper Motors
EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver with UniPolar and BiPolar Stepper Motor above

UNL2003AN Driver & UniPolar Stepper Motor below

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Take a look at a few sample pages below

RED is waiting for parts and final programming
The rest is done and waiting for final formatting when the publisher takes over.

BillyBot Building Instructions

UpDates & Additions to the BOM

3mm Snap Rivets - SNAP RIVET BLK 0.217"-0.256" - McMaster-Carr


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