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3D Design & Print at Scout Sea Base: Lemonade Day

When life gives you lemons, make Community Lemonade in Long Beach with me. Day 49 - l'Robotorium at the Scout Sea Base.

By Squigglemom, Trish Tsoi-A-Sue (Star Patcher) - August 20, 2012 5:37 am ET

I'm taking the opportunity of this unplanned time off to connect with the many artists and creators in this wonderful city that I love. Come with me on my 100-day odyssey of art and creativity in Long Beach. I call it .

I've been talking a lot about Makers and Makerspaces. Reaching out to robotics societies in Long Beach and Riverside, makers in other cities, the readers of the Belmont Shore Patch and even the Maker of the Maker Community, Dale Dougherty. Today I talk of a little success. One so tiny it could be easily overlooked. But for me, it was of huge importance.

August 19th was Day 49. I reminisced of last week's 3D Design and Print session at the Scout Sea Base

l'Robotorium Alpha is an experiment with Walt Perko's l'Robotorium concept. You may know Walt, Mr. Robot, from . Back then, he was working on getting attention to his efforts to start a space of his own. One that would use industrial quality software and industrial quality tooling. He's very specific that it's not a Makerspace, but it sounds like one to me. We agree to disagree on the use of the term Makerspace when we speak of l'Robotorium.

We hatched a plan for Walt to deliver a design session of a simple puzzle piece using industry-strength CAD software and called it l'Robotorium Alpha. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings were dedicated to this effort. Design on Monday or Wednesday, 3D printer onsite on Friday.

I won't say it was easy. I got stuck when designing my part and needed help getting unstuck. Yes, some of the youth did also, but surprisingly, by the end of the week several were making their names in 3D and designing parts that they could visualize in an assembly.

The printer is delicate, and not easily moved. I suspect we may not be able to bring this particular printer onsite again... There's too much risk of damage.

Still, I consider the experiment a huge success. And Walt, who has been visualizing his l'Robotorium concept for many years now, is somehow finding a way to open his first l'Robotorium shop as early as next week. I hope to visit to see the operation and share it with you.

Perhaps it's karma that brought us together. Perhaps our interaction had nothing to do with the progress on l'Robotorium. I'd like to think that karma was working for either Walt or for me. I think that the Belmont Shore Patch may have made a difference. Perhaps for both of us.

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I'm shopping for cheese. Trying to make the perfect fondue.

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