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Welcome to the BillyBot1 World Tour
Where will BillyBot1 go next?

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Look who's here!

BillyBot1 has a look at the shop

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BillyBot1, Camp and C3PO

BillyBot1's having some fun in the shop

Neato's front office... very nice

Oh No! Not the Robot Graveyard... AYEEEEE!

Billy not exploring the desk

Van Ness Ave. SF

RadioShack I'm NOT from RadioShack

Hey, there's the Golden Gate Bridge

We ran RoboMagellan out here for years... memories

BillyBot1 points out that the bridge isn't actually gold

Golden Gate Park


That's the Balclutha


Going to the Robots for Humanity event this evening

Alcatraz! Danger! Danger!

BEAUTIFUL day in the city

What me worry

AT&T Park... BillyBot1 says, Go Giants!

San Francisco! Yee-ha!

Today we're going for a train ride

BillyBot1 and Rodney in an animated conversation

Sudar and BillyBot1

Buzz-buzz, Whir-whir...

BillyBot1 at the HBRC SIG

BillyBot — with Camp Peavy


Granddaddy Bot

Careful his head's not screwed on

BillyBot thinks he's Chairman of the Board

Robot and Frank

Camp Peavy with Steve Iribarne and Arjun

BillyBot at the HBRC

HomeBrew Robotics Club night!


BillyBot has enjoyed his stay in Silicon Valley but it's time to continue the World Tour!

So long, BillyBot! Next stop Capshaw, Alabama




  BillyBot1 has set out on a tour of the world.

Be a part of the fun BillyBot1 is looking for more hosts to take BillyBot1 to local points of interest, take a "Selfie" with BillyBot1 and take some other photos or videos and post them online.

After you have done your selfie and other photos/videos with BillyBot1 you should ... then pass BillyBot1 onto a friend or mail BillyBot1 to the next person ... you can email Walt for the next address to send BillyBot1 off to ...


the BillyBot World Tour Manual .DOC

the BillyBot World Tour Manual .PDF

Send in your photos & videos with BillyBot1

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