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Welcome to the BillyBot1 World Tour
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where will he be Next?

Yvonne Mpls. BillyBot1 World Tour Diary 2015 .PDF

BillyBot1 is on his way to California. I enjoyed being hostess to his visit. Our last stop was Minnehaha Falls. Gorgeous day with BillyBot and Bill Hottel!


BillyBot in snow and ice country.jpg

Home of the brave--Land of the free.jpg

Honored to be with our Veterans.jpg

I am an all American Bot.jpg

I cant believe my batteries are still working.jpg

I didnt think they had campgrounds in the winter.jpg

Really Master what were you thinking sending me here.jpg

Thank goodness cabin floors are heated.jpg

They actually sit in little houses dig a hole in the ice for fish.jpg

What is wrong with this picture.jpg

Wind chill minus 23 below--BillyBot trying to block wind.jpg

Yeah thats me--King of the Hill.jpg


Well BillyBot is hitting the road to continue his world tour. He leaves for CA tomorrow.
Heís still a little stunned that his World Tour began in MN in January, being all heís ever known is warm balmy weather.
But all and all heís enjoyed a good time (and he has MN winter bragging rights!)
He went to the Veterans Camp and stayed in a cabin, climbed around Minnehaha Falls (part frozen, part open), and was scheduled to visit the Ice Castle but due to a mix up in scheduling he got left at home. Heís really is bummed that he didnít get to see Olaf, so we photo-shopped him in. . . . . . Happy trails BillyBot, itís been fun!

BillyBot1 has set out on a tour of the world.

Be a part of the fun BillyBot1 is looking for more hosts to take BillyBot1 to local points of interest, take a "Selfie" with BillyBot1 and take some other photos or videos and post them online.

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the BillyBot World Tour Manual .DOC

the BillyBot World Tour Manual .PDF

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