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BillyBot1 Traveled around the USA a little, then went to France on a world tour, but where is BillyBot1 now?

We need photos to post on the web site and then BillyBot1 needs to go to the next host.

BillyBot1 does not want to be stuck in France.
BillyBot1 parcourue à Alain Frénois sur le tour du monde, mais où est BillyBot1 maintenant?

Nous avons besoin de photos pour afficher sur le site Web, puis BillyBot1 besoin d'aller à l'hôte suivant.

BillyBot1 ne veut pas être coincé en France.

Où est BillyBot1?
Il n'y a pas plus de photos, pas de réponse d'Alain Frénois la dernière personne BillyBot1 a été envoyé à!
Alain, qu'avez-vous fait avec BillyBot1?

Where is BillyBot1?
There are no more photos, no response from Alain Frenois in France the last person BillyBot1 was sent to!
Alain, what did you do with BillyBot1?

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Welcome to the BillyBot1 World Tour

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BillyBot1™ has set out on a World Tour

BillyBot™ was originally designed to be the host cartoon character for the RoboToons still frame cartoons series "The Host in the Machines" ... The design used a few real hobby parts to look real, but wasn't really designed to be a functional robot since the plan was to keep BillyBot™ on computer monitors.

After a few months of RoboToons I was asked if there were any T-Shirts with BillyBot™ so I setup a bunch of robot designs with a print on demand T-Shirt company in Canada.

After a few years of trying to be funny I started getting emails asking where people could buy a little BillyBot™ robot ... so I decided to tweak the design for home hobby 3D printing and started building the BillyBot1™ robot that is on tour.

As it happens, asking for a real BillyBot™ toy was a great question. It made me realize that I can use BillyBot™ as one of the home hobby kit projects at the end of the PICAXE µController Solutions book I wrote.

The cut down to size breadboard would just barely fit inside the BillyBot1™ robot so I couldn't fit the SpeakJet chip and a small audio amplifier and speaker inside ... there just isn't enough space inside the little BillyBot1™ body. I wanted BillyBot™ to be able to speak, sing and dance. BillyBot1™ can really only dance!

I realized that there is a better way to do this and make a PICAXE general purpose µController board for BillyBots™ and the FloppyBots™, the BallBot™, the D.A.I.R.™ kit and almost any other robot toy/kit. And since the board is "general purpose" the end users can easily add jumpers from chip to sensor/motor/whatever to build any robot around the little board without having to buy "shields" ...

Imagine, one tiny board that has space for several different µController chips or modules that has a socket for a speech chip and has a small audio amplifier already on the board ready to make talking, singing projects.

This saves a lot of cost in building home hobby robots and makes the board very easy to use for teaching very young children in the L'Robotorium™ Shop how to make their own toys.

Now the board is called "the RoboGuts™ µController Board" ... it is still under development but maybe available very soon.

Having made a bunch of demo videos with BillyBot1™ and other versions of the BillyBot™ family, FloppyBots™ and other home hobby 3D printable robot kits I've been developing it is going to be great fun to have an easy to use and programming in BASIC language µController board that has the speech chip socket on the board along with a small audio amplifier so making any robot talk, sing and dance will be easier than baking a pie!

Want to host BillyBot1? Sign UP! After you receive BillyBot1™ do some selfies and take other photos ... even videos with BillyBot1 should then pass BillyBot1 onto a friend or mail BillyBot1 to the next person on the waiting list ... you can email me for a new destination.


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